How to Repair a Trident?

Interestingly, you can’t craft a trident, so you can’t really find a formula for this undersea weapon. Instead, you will have to get one of these from the dead, soggy, cold hands of a sunken mob. It is one of the newly introduced zombies with an Aquatic update.

What is Trident?

The fact that the trident is a mob dive and as great as a diamond sword makes it an outstanding weapon in the early hours into the Minecraft adventure, provided you are strong enough to pull out a Drowned.

It’s a great weapon that was included in 1.13 version of Minecraft. Perhaps, it is among one of the finest weapons in the game because of its damage and loyalty charm, which returns it to you after it is thrown.

Due to this, it is possible that you would like to repair a trident always so that you don’t lose it. There’re a few ways to repair a trident. Have a look at the list of methods to repair a trident.

Repair using Crafting Table

Now, you could only use this technique if you’ve got a trident that doesn’t hold any enchantments. The cause for this is that as soon as you repair a trident in the crafting table, the enchantments that are attached to it’ll be removed.

To repair a trident with no enchantments, you can open up the crafting table or you can open crafting interface in your inventory. You could combine any 2 tridents that you’ve to turn them into a fixed trident.

Repair Using an Anvil

Now, if you’ve enchantments, you might want to fix a trident using an anvil instead. Like the crafting table, all you’ve to do is add the enchanted trident to first slot, then another trident to the second slot.

You’ll be able to have a repaired trident from anvil which still has your enchantments.

Mending Enchantment

There’s one last way to repair a trident. And that is using the mending enchantment. You’re not allowed to roll mending enchantment in the enchanting table; instead, you’ve to discover the book from loot, fishing or trading and apply it to your trident in the anvil.

The mending enchantment repairs the item at the cost of experience orbs. It is by far the most cost-effective method to repair a trident, as mining or killing mobs will continuously repair the weapon. All you’ve to do is find the mending enchantment book!

Trident Enchantments

Another great feature of the trident is that it could hold exclusive enchantments. Here is the list of amazing trident enchantments:

  • Riptide: throwing a trident undersea or in the rain convey the players, dealing with splash damage.
  • Channeling: if a thrown trident comes across a mob during a thunderstorm then the lightning bolt is called, dealing with a lot of damage.
  • Loyalty: the thrown trident goes back to the player after few seconds.
  • Impaling: deals with extra combat damage and ranged damage to the aquatic mobs. In the Bedrock Edition this buff extends to all the mobs that are underwater or in rain.
  • Unbreaking: it increases durability.
  • Curse of Vanishing: trident vanished upon death.
  • Mending: when the trident is ready, any collected XP orbs will repair the trident rather than boosting the XP of a player.

And there you’ve it, now you know how a trident can be repaired in 3 different ways. The trident is certainly one of the finest weapons in Minecraft, so it is absolutely worth adding to the collection. You could also build and customize a Minecraft shield to use alongside the Minecraft trident to take down all your enemies.

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